Windows 7: The best of XP & Vista?

It’s been a month since I got Windows 7 DVD from Microsoft and only today, I had the chance to install and play with it. My first impression, nice!! It’s not just about the appearance, but the usability and functionality of the system really stands out from the other OS, IMHO. Well…that’s my first impression of the OS. I’ll write a detail review later once I’ve tested all.

According to Microsoft, Windows 7 Beta’s “Minimum” recommended specs call for:

  • 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor;
  • 1 GB of system memory (RAM);
  • 16 GB of available disk space;
  • support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (to enable the Aero theme);
  • DVD-R/W Drive;
  • Internet access (to download the Beta and get updates).

In terms of system requirements, Microsoft reveals that Vista and its successor, Windows 7 are on par. This means that users will not have to pay for a hardware upgrade just to accommodate Windows 7, if they are currently running Windows Vista on their machines. Those who have bought new machines tailored to Vista, beyond the Home Basic SKU, namely Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate editions, will also be able to run Windows 7 without any problems.

I’ve installed Windows 7 on my office machine as the specs below:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6420 (2.13GHz / 4MB Cache / 1066MHz FSB)
  • Intel Q965/Q963  Express Chipset
  • 2GB RAM
  • Western Digital 80 GB SATA

with this specs, I’m able to use it without any difficulties and the best thing is, I can run all my XP programs without any compatibility issues. Some more, no annoying system notification like in Vista! Cool huh? Well…I’ll write another detail review on this when I got the chance. 🙂


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