What is “Recycling”?

What is Recycling?

Recycling is a process by which waste materials are collected, sorted and processed into raw materials which are then used to create new products. Aluminium cans are some of the most recyclable forms of packaging in this day and age. Once recycled, the cans return to the retailer’s shelf as a new filled cans.

Energy Saving

Aluminium cans can be recycled many times and still not lose its original quality even after recycling. Recycling one aluminium produces enough energy to manufacture another 20 aluminium cans.

Recycling Process

Aluminium can recycling involves:

  • Collecting the used beverage cans (UBC)
  • Crushing or compacting them into bales
  • Smelting the aluminium into secondary ingots
  • Adding alloy & other raw materials into the ingots
  • Converting the ingots into rolling slabs
  • Transforming the slabs into aluminium cans that are ready for use

Recycling Center

There are recycling centres in Malaysia and the country’s recycling rate is currently 55%.

Here is a comprehensive list of Malaysian recycling centres & their contact numbers:

Central region 03-79813037 Andavar Metal
03-55193902 Pushpa Metal
03-79835730 Sykt. Balamurugan
03-79819269 Pern. Logam Letchumana
03-62582732 Vignesh Metal
03-62581224 Kesavan Metal
03-798226017 / 03-79872341 Perniagaan Logam Krishna
03-92215094 / 03-92211064 TM Selvam Trading
03-79818649 Prestasi Mewah Sdn Bhd
03-90752044 / 03-90752035 T Nathan Metal Trading Sdn Bhd
03-79808566 / 03-79807706 High Cans Corporation Sdn Bhd
Northern region 04-2645002 ARR Metal
04-3333105 Vels Metal
04-5300473 Sumitra Metal
04-7725078 / 04-7726298 Syarikat Vijayalakshmi
04-7332907 / 04-7342196 Dhakshinamoorthy Manufacturing S/B
04-5084841 / 04-5084842 Shan Poornam Metals Sdn Bhd
04-5076867 Progerex Sdn Bhd
Southern region 05-2553671 Sykt K.Palchamy
05-2423120 Anusha Trading
05-2419153 Sykt Letchumana
05-4653423 Kmn Thangasamy
05-2553132 Purni Metal
05-3652279 Ravi & Co, Batu Gajah
07-3552637 Gagasan Steel Southern region S/B
09-5165257 KTC Metal Sdn Bhd
05-2826066 Choo Huat Sdn Bhd
East Malaysia 082-451146 Pasaraya Ekonomi Pertama
084-213575 Eastern Pillars S/B
088-428858 Multihope Enterprise S/B
082-618257 / 082-6833531 Dinkargo Recycle Sdn Bhd
085-664596 Tingr Metal Enterprise


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