Weee!!!! It’s alive!!!

This is the first time I felt like this in so long. It’s alive!!! It’s finally alive!! Muahaha

Erkk?? Don’t know what I’m talking about? hehe. See below

My two baby 🙂

Tunas Halia

My bawang kinda look weird here. I dunno whether this is how it suppose to be, but I’m expecting daun bawang in another week or two. 🙂

It’s been two weeks since I started plant these two baby and finally they sprung into a beautiful green creature. huhu~~ Couldn’t wait to see they grow up more. hehe.


  1. ^cik.weeda^

    compare ur 2nd pix with ur JCard-almost the same, kan? tiru eh?
    *sebnanya niat tersirat :nak bitau ko yg haku pun dah ader JCard. baru buar=t 3 hari lepas. hehehe*

  2. farhanah

    suda bercucuk tanam ya. go green la nieh

    nnt leh tanam secara mass production lak. =)

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