rojakstyle goes mobile: updated

New and improved rojak[style] mobile portal is up now. We even have new logo 😀

To access, just type in in your mobile browser and for best experince view/ fast load, use operamini – the best mobile browser around =) and the best part is, operamini saves caches, so you won’t be downloading the same thing twice. save more cost =D


v1.0 – 14/8/2008

  • finalize the user interface and remove inline css
  • xhtml MP compliant
  • minimize the file size (1.2KB = 1.2 sen) as to reduce the cost charges
  • added hot links on top section (currently showing a link to yahoo beijing olympics results page)
  • remove my blog feed
  • optimize news feed from thestar online
  • movie link are working now (woohooo) Thanks to for allowing us to use their mobile portal info.
  • change weather service to weather underground for better load time


For better load time and cost-saving, you may want to untick Load Image check box under Menu > Tools > Setting.

Use back when you want to visit previous page. It saves more cost as it wouldn’t need to send another request for that page again.

Hopefully, you guys will be willing to try it out and comments and critics are most welcomed 🙂

To Do

  1. add events – music, film, theather, dance festivals
  2. transits (LRT, Kommuter in, Intercity bus and intracity bus) info, route and schedule)
  3. travel guide – starts with KL
  4. food guides
  5. business directory
  6. expand sports section – will add games schedule, results, news


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