Review: YTL Yes 4G

Its been days if not weeks, the internet has failed me at home. I’m getting the worst speed ever since the last few days and it really bothered me and my work. I knew that there is a speed degradation currently due to the internet submarine cable has issues. I also noticed that since Unifi was launched, I’m feeling my 1Mbps is not performing as it used to be. Maybe I’m used to a more faster internet line in the office though I didn’t think this is really the reason since as I remember, loading a manga page doesn’t require me to wait for 30-45 seconds and few refresh!

Anyway, enough of ranting. So, since the slowness is affecting my life and my work, I decide to look for options (as Unifi only available Q2 next year!). I’ve used mobile broadband from Maxis and Celcom and I’m not impressed. So, in my mind I have P1 4G and also Yes 4G as I heard quite a good review on these 2. As I’m not looking for a permanent solutions, I opt for Yes 4G package, which is on per use basis and I really delighted with it! Well…until i realized that I might be spending more than I expected later. huhuh~~

Here is the screenshots of the speed that I’m getting. On Average it’s around 150KB/s and the max I manage to get is 600KB/s! woohoo!!


  1. Awesome speed (as seen in the screen above)
  2. No P2p throttling
  3. Mobile
  1. If you a heavy user/downloader, at 3 sen/MB for 1GB it will cost u RM 30. Just imagine if 20GB, how much will you spent a month.
  2. That’s all for me 😛

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