Recycling Electronic Products

I’ve wrote sometime ago about recycling and most of it are related to our daily consume waste product such as bottles, plastics & papers. Since a lot more of electronics product has invaded our life, I feel it is right to share about recycling of these products. But first, let us watch this video 🙂

Now, you know how precious your electronic product is even if its only worth a few Ringgits! It’s never too late! PIKOM has launched E-Waster Recycling Program to create awareness on the need to recycle among general public.

PIKOM together with the Department of Environment is embarking on an E-Waste Recycling Campaign with the aim to raise awareness on the need to recycle among the general public. Collection centres have been set up at selected PIKOM PCFairs to collect electronic waste for recycling. Please click here to read more in Green IT Shaping The Industry.


An electronics component are made up from different type of element such as Mercury, Gold, Tin and etc. Elements such as mercury, which can be found in CFL bulb or old CRT monitor/TV, is poisonous and very dangerous to the human if it’s not disposed correctly.  By recycling at these location stated in the link above, they can correctly identify this elements and disposed it accordingly. They will also will process these products and segregate these elements/components to few categories such as “re-usable” or “recycle” or “dispose” and etc.

By doing these, there will less need to dig for new resources and fill up our dump site again which is scarce by hours! So let’s save our planet by recycling!




  1. silver price

    Pikom’s e-waste recycling campaign is part of its National ICT (information and communications technology) Month 2009 that ends later this month.

  2. lokman

    Thanks silver price for the update. Do you happen to know any place that recycles category 7 plastic (polycarbonate) as I have a lot of CDs and similiar material laying around at my office.

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