PPAG: Semerah Padi/Laman Kreasi

Yesterday, I have the opportunity to attend an art show called “Semerah Padi/Laman Kreasi” at Dewan Philharmonic PETRONAS (DPO). At first I’m not very psyched about it as I’m not really into dancing and stuff, but later I learn that there’s maybe a little artist hiding deep down inside my heart (^_^) – so I wish. haha

“Semerah Padi/Laman Kreasi” is a two-parts showcasing Malaysian talents in the arts of dancing and music. I’m not an art-type of guy, so I wouldn’t say its a spectacular event but overall it was getting than what I bargain for. (^_^)

The first part of show is entitled “Semerah Padi”, an adaptation of 1956 film by the great Allahyarham P Ramlee with the same title. It tells the tale of two best friends and their love of the same woman in the village of Semerah Padi. The show is pantomime and well choreographed (though some parts of the movement I dont really get it. huhu). The choreography is a blend of various dance type such as line dancing, tango and also Malays dance move. ( Don’t ask me how I come up with these. (^o^) )

There are few parts that I really like such as in the early parts of the show where a couple was captured doing some 18SX scene and was caught and brought to the village elders for punishment. The interesting part was the time when the couples are about to be sentenced with the punishments of “Sula”, two “lembaga hitam” appear and roaming around the stage. With the appearance of the two “lembaga hitam” and the lighting effect with the background music really sets the mood of suspense and a lil bit of tragic-kind of feeling.

After having a 20-minutes break, the program resume with “Laman Kreasi” show. The show consist of 7 dance moves choreographed by the dancers themselves. While all the dance move is very entertaining in their own way, one is really outstanding for me; the murut dance if i’m not mistaken. The moves are well choreographed and brilliant use of the stage. The moves also utilize a stick as parts of the dance and I must say, it fits really well with the moves.

Overall, the show was very interesting and refreshing. Recommended for those who are looking for something different than the regular bowling and movie marathon. 😆


P/s: btw, I love to see the girls in the “Tarian Asyik” show. Lenggok dan lemah gemalai of those girls sungguh meng”asyik”kan. hehe. and I want to mention one particular lady in the “shakti” dance, she really dance well and all her moves show how dedicated she is in her performance. Keep up the good job. 🙂


  1. lokman

    well well well. what we have here? cik^weeda rupenye..patutla panjang komen. huhu~~

    haha. little la. nyuruk2x lagi. Well, can’t blame me for that one. When you see something like that, you bound to “ter”carried over. hehe.

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