NKEA – Greater KL MRT Project

By 2020, seven out of 10 Malaysians are expected to live in urban areas like Greater KL, which, according to unofficial sources, will have an immediate population of about 7.2 million and with the rapid property development in Klang Valley area, the infrastructure can’t cope with it.


One of the entry points project under the National Key Economic Area or NKEA is the Greater KL MRT to address the poor and inadequate public transport coverage in Kuala Lumpur. It’s also a factor to push Kuala Lumpur to be on par with other developed cities. It is by far the largest infrastructure project in Malaysia with 141 KM of three new corridors which integrates with the existing systems – KTM, LRT, Monorail & STAR.


  1. Better public transport
  2. Generates estimated 130,000 new jobs
  3. Hopefully lessen the car on the road
  4. Better and cleaner air and lesser noise.


  1. The coverage – is it enough?
  2. the effectiveness of the system
  3. sustainability of the new system.


The new MRT system will integrated all those other system and also feeder bus to cover all the residential and commercial area. Based on the image given above, some places such as Puchong still not integrated. I live in Gombak and work in Cyberjaya. Many of my colleagues and their friends also commute more than 50KM everyday, some from Shah Alam, Gombak, Keramat & Selayang and I bet they are many more others like us. Having an fast and efficient transport in Cyberjaya and few parts of Putrajaya does help to increase the adoption of public transport.

System effectiveness

I used to be an avid public transport but I’ve stopped…ermm…less use when it tooks me an hour plus just to get to my office in Jalan Ampang which most of the time (40 mins) waiting to hop into the train and don’t let me start with KTM Komuter. I’m not sure how it is now for both LRT & Komuter during peak hours but I believe it doesn’t changed much from what I heard.

System sustainability

Greater KL is expected to have a population of 7.8 million and it will keep on increasing. Will the MRT is enough to cater the ever increasing number of population? if its not, we will see the same thing happen again. People will start driving their own much more and the hectic traffic will start all over again.

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