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Here In My Home – Malaysian Artistes For Unity

Malaysia Artistes For Unity is a project done by a group of people spreading the spirit of unity through the most common language in mankind, music. “Here in my home” is the title of the song and I must say that these people have really outdone themselves. So guys, heads out to their website ( and download the song and SPREAD THE LOVE BABY!! Yeah!!

In support of malaysian artistes for unity project (, we @ will dedicate a page (malaysian arttistes for unity) with links for the songs, lyrics and videos download. Head out to our menu bar on top of the page and download all you like.

Tell your friends about it and ask your friends to tell their friends about it. Then, tell your friend friends’ to tell their friends about it and tell your friends friends friends’ to tell their friends abou it. and….. (so the list goes on <—padahal confused already 😆 ).

Help us spread the words!!

Malaysian for Unity!!


“Biru dalam Jalur Gemilang menandakan Perpaduan”

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