Japan Trip Spring 2009


I love to travel. I haven’t been to China, Europe, New Zealand or America Latin yet and I planned to. In fact, I have already researched anything I need to know for my China trip and New Zealand but why is that, after almost a year I’ve left it, I still can’t forget about Japan??

People say that a picture worth a thousand words. How true is that!! Tell me what you guys see in the picture above. It seems like my trip to China and New Zealand need to be put on hold for a while. Well, I better shaped up and get my lazy ass up and start working for the next great trip to JAPAN, Spring 2009


  1. ^cik.weeda^

    aiyaakkkk! kantoi la pulak.. dgn network admin lak tu. adeiihh.. nyesal anta komen tadik. huhu~


  2. farhanah

    waaa. 2nd trip sudah

    well, ganbatte with ur part time job

    camne project pertanian kamu? ada progress? 😀

  3. lokman

    hey yuni,

    mmg lame. ye la kan. org hangat bercinta mmg la susah nk jumpe ko. kekeke. How’s Emry? Ko bukan penah duk sane ke? ke org lain? hehe

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