Japan: Day 1

Guest what? I’m finally in JAPAN. Woohooo!!! After all these years, I’m finally here, in this land of the rising sun, JAPAN
After the 7 hours flight trip and another 30 minutes flight delayed and another 30 minutes of immigration hold up, we can finally set our feet on JAPAN solid ground and our first impression is — cold, and very damn cold. ahaha. Today, after we check in to our hostel and take a quick rest, we went for a walk to GION . After going through a park in GION, we decided to just ditch all our itenary for today and take a really nice stroll in Kyoto. I like it here, people here are very lovely (especially the girls..hehehe), its so clean and peaceful. It’s really beautiful place.

Just check out my Flickr page (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lhakim) for yesterdays pic.

Well, matta ao ne~~ 🙂


  1. astrie

    i knew how u felt.
    pegi jlan2 eh?
    tp saya x penah la sampai kyoto @ osaka.. keinginan ade. hahaha.
    ktorang g jpn pon sbb nak tgk konsert..itu saje..
    nice photos u got 😀

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