Increase in demand of Green Tech in Malaysia

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysia will have to first have a plan to increase demand for renewable energy sources like solar panels if it is to truly promote the use of cheaper and more environment friendly power sources, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui.

Chin said the Government was serious about pursuing the use of renewable and efficient energy sources and the formation of the National Technology Council headed by the Prime Minister himself, that would meet in December for the first time, was proof of its commitment.

However the price of alternative power sources like solar or photovoltaic (PV) panels was still not low enough for a large portion of the people in Malaysia to use because, despite having several large manufacturers of such panels, local demand was still too small to allow for mass production.

“The solar PV industry can generate cumulative business revenues of more than RM560bil by 2020 or 4% of the national GDP (Gross Domestic Product), as well as turn Malaysia into a knowledge-based and high-technology manufacturing and services base capable of creating up to 100,000 jobs….


It seems like the PM is really taking serious on this issue when he re-structure the cabinet and create a new ministry under the name of “Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water”. I believe this is a very good news for us and also the world. We have made a big step and I hope this momentum continues and I hope this is not going to be just another marketing hype just to increase the product sales without the understanding of the rational behind these.


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