IBM xSeries 345: Over Spec error lights

We have an issue with one of our IBM xSeries 345 (model type 8670) server where the server went to cold boot and showing the diagnostic lights as “OVER SPEC”. The server sometimes able to boot up but it will shutdown itself when it reach RAID card checks on BIOS or when its abit to load OS.

The Solution: Change the PSU Chasis/Cage (the one that holds the PSU)


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  2. API39

    I replaced the PSU module, and both power supplies… same story – the “Over Spec” error light comes on after awhile, but the server hasn’t shut itself down yet… the light stays on, but the server keeps running – at least for 2 weeks now.

  3. lokman

    You might want to check with IBM/Lenovo support. Sometime it might be due to a firmware bug. We had similiar issue last time until they upgraded the firmware.

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