Hit & Run

Have anyone been in “Hit & Run” case? I did. JUST NOW!.

It happened when I was trying to cross the road in front of Public Bank building. After looking left and right and left again, I’ve confirmed the road is clear to cross and that’s when it hit me. I fell down to the asphalt before I even stepped on the road yet. I quickly scan my surrounding and notice there’s a motorcyclist not far from me (about 20 meter and he’s at the opposite lane of the traffic – think he wants to cut the line la. Stupid guy.) and he was looking at me. When he noticed I was looking at him back, quickly he rushed through the traffic and disappear.

As for me, luckily it wasn’t anything serious. Alhamdulillah.

I’m not really angry at first as these things happen sometimes. But what makes me angry is that he just left the place like nothing happen!! I’ll gladly forgive him if he apologize. Sigh, what has happened to the world nowadays. Isn’t there any manner left in this world? (dunno what i’m talking about just now -maybe still have light concussion left from the incident. huhu~~)

So what do you guys think about this?


  1. ^cik.weeda^

    wut do i think?hmm..let’s see…
    i think it’s funny. misti ko rasa cam malu2 ayam tym kena langgar tu kan?huahuahuahua.
    sib baek x jd pape.
    tu laa..nakal sgt. mak dah pesan dok umah diam2, yg ko pi jenjalan tu nape.. ?kan da kena cursed tu.. hehehe..

    erm,nway, thank God u r stil alive. Alhamdulillah 🙂
    and that motorcyclist tu sgt kejam. ade ke patut hit & run. cesss.keji sungguh.

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