Hey, do you know that Malaysia has a law regarding control of emission?

I used to take LRT to commute to my workplace and to other places in KL and I’m a a big fan of it 🙂 But due to inefficiencies in Malaysia’s public transport system and also change in working place(working in Cyberjaya now), I have stopped using one (well..I still using it occasionally on weekends 😉 ) about a year and a half ago. Imagine, what would take you usually 15 minutes commuting can turn out to be 1.5 hours which half of it waiting and ranting about the stupid system and those who didn’t queue up.  Not only it’s a waste of time, it adds up to pressure and also lessen your “pahala” so early in the morning 😛

Anyway, since my new job is now 55KM from my home, and the nearest public transport to my office will take me at least 150 minutes to/from my office/home, I had to drive. It’s been 10 months since and I’m feeling a bit guilty that I help the earth warm up a bit. 🙁

I’m kind of deviate from my original content now. hahhaa. The reason I’m writing this article is just to share with the members of the public regarding Malaysia’s law on Control of Emission from either a petrol or diesel vehicle. I sent an email to Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar to enquire about the law regarding the smoke emission from vehicle after seeing and breathing (i like to open my car windows — well, actually my aircond is broke but hey, morning breeze is always good 😉 a lot of vehicles especially lorries, busses and also motorcycles are emitting black smokes from their exhausts. To my surprise, I received an email an hour or so after I posted it in their feedback forms in the website. and I get 2 people keeping me updates on the issue and within the third day, I already receive full details of my enquiries. My thanks to the team and keep up the good work!

Here are the replies from them.

Encik Lokman Hakim Mohamad Azli,

Jabatan Alam Sekitar telah menguatkuasakan empat (4) undang-undang bagi mengawal pencemaran udara daripada sektor kenderaan dan pengangkutan. Undang-undang tersebut dinyatakan seperti di bawah :

  1. Environmental Quality (Control of Petrol And Diesel Properties) Regulations 2007 – P.U.(A) 145/2007
  2. Environmental Quality (Control of Emission From Motorcycles) Regulations 2003 – P.U. (A) 464/2003
  3. Environmental Quality (Control of Emission From Petrol Engines) Regulations 1996 – P.U(A) 543/96
  4. Environmental Quality (Control of Emission From Diesel Enginers) Regulations 1996 P.U (A) 429/96

Dalam usaha mengawal pencemaran ini, yang dijangkakan meningkat setiap hari, JAS telahpun merangka Pelan Tindakan Udara Bersih ataupun ‘Clean Air Action Plan’ yang akan dilaksanakan secara bersepadu oleh agensi-agensi yang terlibat, sama ada di bidang pengangkutan, industri mahupun bagi mengingkatkan kesedaran orang ramai bagi mengurangkan pencemaran udara. Dalam hal ini juga, Kementerian Sumber Asli dan Alam Sekitar bertindak sebagai ‘focal point’ bagi semua aktiviti yang bakal dijalankan.

Sekian untuk makluman tuan, terima kasih.

Basically, the bill states that any vehicle that are parked in public area and left idle for three (3) minutes, can be charged on this bill with a fine for up to RM 2000 ringgit. The bill also laid a guidelines on the what is the threshold for the concentrations & density of smokes that coming out from a diesel and petrol engine. I hope this can be of use to anyone and the agency will enforce the law more and act on the ‘Clear Air Action Plan’ fast.

-Lokman- signing out

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