Green IT: Data Centers and Power Consumptions

Green IT

Last few post, I mentioned about green IT. While surfing the web this evening, I found this interesting articles which can relates to my last post. Here are some excerpt of the article


So you now know one single Google search query consumes 2 to 8 watt-hours of energy. To put this on a scale, Google processes petabytes of information on a daily basis while indexing the web and doing other various things. If we average this out to 4.5 watt hours per query, and consider Google is easily handling 400 million queries a day based on comScore metrics, then we can see 1,800,000,000 (1.8 billion) watt-hours of energy being used daily just for basic search queries. The Google Complex itself uses the amount of power as 3,333 California homes

I don’t hate google, but this articles does have it worth to be taken seriously. You can read the whole article here.

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