Food Review: The Chicken Rice Shop Breakfast Combo C

This morning, I was a bit late to come and grab the delicious Nasi Lemak from Kak Reen. Because of the unbearable hunger, I decided to go out and search for something to eat. While browsing through the scrumptious sandwich ingredient at O’Briens, I get the sudden urge of eating a french toast (start liking it when I was in JAPAN. It was very delicious. Ahhh~~~). But sadly, it seems like there’s no french toast at the O’Brien.

I decided to walk a bit more and there, I saw…the TCRS breakfast promo bunting and saw a toast. I said to myself, this might be my lucky day. Hehe.

So here I am, waiting patiently for my yummy breakfast. I ordered the Combo C – 2pcs toast, Hot Milo and half-cooked egg. After 10 minutes of knotting my stomach, my toast finally arrived. What else do you do when the food arrive? You dig in. hehe.

Without wasting anymore time, I take the toast and put in my mouth. My first impression was it SUXX very much. Not only the bread was cold, it was also a bit thick than usual which make it quite hard to enjoy. I always believe that one of the key that makes a food delicious is that it need to be serve at the right portion.

After eating 2 portion of the bread, I tried the half-cooked egg and guess what, it suxx too. I don’t know how the half-cooked-egg fan eat it but I’m pretty sure they eat it half-cooked, right?. Well, this egg wan’t even half-cooked. More like quarter-cooked, :sigh: you can still see the white egg for most part of the egg. I’ve tried put the Soy Sauce and also the pepper, but nothing seems to work.

I’m quite picky with my food, but usually if I touch a food, I’ll try to finished it.But I can’t seem to be able to finish it, both the egg and also the toast. What a way to ruined the day. huhu~~~ anyway, if thought of try ing the breakfast set in TCRS, please, please and please don’t take the Combo C. You’ll regret it.

I think, that’s it for now. Lokman signing out. Nite guys 🙂

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