Eco Film Fest 2008

The Eco Film Fest is NOT just about films. Of course these are great films BUT the FEST is about empowering all Malaysians to take on a greener approach in their normal daily activities. Whether you’re an IT geek, or a housewife, or a creative designer, the Fest caters to everyone’s interests and needs by offering greener options. So if you’re thinking of using more eco-friendly stationeries, come and check us out. If you’re wondering if organic food tastes any good, you’ll be up for a surprise at the Fest. And if you are skeptical about solar panels, or other green gadgets, come on down to the Festival grounds to check these items out!

Performance @ Eco Film fest

Performance Time November 1st 2008 (Saturday)
November 2nd, 2008 (Sunday)
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
Violet Band
Raman the Nose Flutist
2:00 pm
Sharidir & Nizam P One Buck Short
2:30 pm
Stonebay Rendra Zawawi
3:00 pm
Tan Sei Hon
Corn Cake Kings
3:30 pm
4:00 pm
Rollin’ Sixers
Reza Salleh
4:30 pm
Rashdan Harith
Mia Palencia
5:00 pm
Jerome Kugan
Izzy Mohamed feat. DJ Chelsea
5:30 pm
Ariff Akhir
Markiza & Peter Hassan
6:00 pm
Azmyl Yunor
6:30 pm
Chris Palencia Kokokaina @ Zee Avi
7:00 pm

So what you waiting for?? Don’t miss it !!!

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