Earth Day 2008: A Call for Climate

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Earth Day 2008 is expected to be the biggest yet! From Tokyo to Togo, to our flagship event on the National Mall in Washington, DC and 7 other U.S. cities, we will be galvanizing millions of people around the world behind a Call for Climate, our global warming action theme. Hundreds of events are popping up all over the globe and April 22 should be a most memorable Earth Day. We will be asking people to call their government and urge significant and equitable action on climate change.

Living in this age of LCD TV and XBOX 360, and mobile phones have been a part of our lives, we sometimes forget what we are. We are nothing more than just a tiny human in this vast world we call “Earth“, occupying the land which we don’t own. A self-centered savage ravaging, polluting and desolating this piece of land which we live in this symbiosis.

Sungai Juru, Penang

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But it’s not too late my friends. It’s NEVER too late! Do the right thing and start thinking for our childrens future if not ours.


  1. farhanah

    yea, we act like we never leave this land, do whatever selfishly.
    but we forgot all these came from the AlMighty. hmm..

  2. obefiend

    hey low key

    ade blog juga rupanya. secret mission ke? HA HA..thansk for the naim firdausi link. aku suka blog sejarah macam tu!

  3. lokman

    hey effi,

    haha…dah lame dah ku ade blog ni. saje je mengisi mase lapang. Actually ku jumpe blog tu time ku research pasal sejarah melayu. kunun2 nak buat muvi la. haha

  4. cik.weeda

    “Sungai Juru has been classified by the Department of Environment (DOE) as the most polluted river in Malaysia. Bernama reports that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed it as the dirtiest river in South East Asia. According to the report, the water is so toxic that it is unsafe for drinking even after being boiled.” .. omigod..

  5. lokman

    It’s one of the many polluted and toxicated river in malaysia. Have you seen sungai 2, Penang yet? The water is dark like a squid ink and the smell….don’t ask. huhu~~

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