Creative Zen Vision W: The Pros and Con

Creative Zen Vision w

I just got myself a unit of this during the last Malaysian’s PIKOM PC Fair 2007. The thing cost me around RM 1299 and it seems to be a standard price here in Malaysia. I must say that I really love the device. Here is some pro & cons of Creative Zen Vision W from my point of view.

The Pros

Wide Screen – 4.3″: great for watching videos on the go 🙂
Adjustable screen brigthness

Compact Flash Card slot – good for a traveller photographer

Sharp screen -it really does has a sharp screen

The Cons

No auto-save battery function – it sucks a lot of my battery when the screen is always on all the time i’m using it

No wire remote – one way to let the screen stay dim is to not touching the key. So a wire remote is the way to go.

No playlist creation for video. – I like to watch my favorite videos everyday. It’s really troublesome when I have to pick and select each of the video every time I want to watch it, especially music video/promotion videos.

Unsupported format of 3gpp, 3gp, mov, mkv, video – It take’s a while to convert these file & sometimes it even fail during the conversion. They aught to included these formats into the zen, maybe in the next firmware release 🙂

Anyway, I really my Zen and these what I feel about it.

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