for the love of bicycle culture from copenhagen

It’s been a while since I’ve write some line on “Green” living. Hey, in fact, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. lol. Anyway, coming back to the title, I was browsing website the other day and saw an article about “Bicycle Commuter Superhighway in Copenhagen”. Can you believe it? A highway for bicycles! Man, the Danish really took this thing seriously. My hats off to them 🙂 Some excerpt from the orriginal articles.

Currently 55% of the citizens in central Copenhagen ride a bicycle daily and the number is 37% for Greater Copenhagen. While in many other countries anybody who cycles to work is often considered a ‘bicycle commuter’, most of the 500,000 people who cycle to work or education in Copenhagen don’t fit into the Danish version of this statistical category.


and some of the highway features.

The routes will be developed on the existing bike lanes but they will have a number of improved features, according to the City’s vision:

– Smooth, even surfaces free of leaves, ice and snow.
– As direct as possible with no detours.
– Homogenous visual expression, for example, with signage and the trademark blue bike lanes through larger intersections.
– ‘Service stations’ with air and tools along the routes.
– Possibility to maintain a high speed and with sufficient width to overtake other cyclists.
– Safe and quick crossing priority for cyclists when they approach cross streets.
– Green Wave for cyclists through sections with frequent stop lights. [The Green Wave is in place on three main routes into Copenhagen already. Cycle 20 km/h and you hit green lights all the way.]


Hmmm..I wonder, when can we have this kind of facilities in Malaysia?Officials from DBKL, KeTTHA and also MoE should look for this very thougouhly as it’ll benefits us all 😀 Let’s KLnize Kuala Lumpur 🙂

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