Congrates MHS

KUALA TERENGGANU: Night market shopping has gone green with biodegradable non-woven fabric bags courtesy of the Terengganu chapter of the Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS).

Project coordinator Toh Puan Dr Usha Menon said excessive use of plastic bags at night markets had prompted the MHS to start an awareness campaign among shoppers on how to play their part in protecting the environment.

A recent study showed that in Terengganu alone, an estimated 1.5 million plastic bags were being used and discarded daily.

The number could soon reach a point of no return if the public did not change their could-not-care-less attitude….

via nstp

It’s good to hear another party joining the green revolution! Hopefully many will follow MHS example, to create more and more awareness in our locals about the environment. Good job MSH!!

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