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My long delayed Vietnam trip pic :)

it’s been a while since I came back from Hanoi. Due to some technical difficulties and “internal” difficulties (malas sebenarnye 😛 ). Some of these photo have been uploaded to my Facebook and Friendster.

Hanoi: 1st Day

Some insight on our first day in Hanoi, Vietnam

Pulau Jerejak

The name Pulau Jerejak, was given by fisherman who lived on the island. Long before it gained its alias as the Alcatraz of Malaysia, because of the Jerejak Prison. This 362ha island islocated between the Penang Main Island and Seberang Prai. It’s an island rich with history, flora and fauna.
I was very fortunate to join and learn a lot from a group of capable peoples in a 3 days offsite meeting in this island.
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Tracing the roots: Bukittinggi

I was born in Negeri Sembilan and when talk about Negeri Sembilan, people always relates to Minangkabau. Though I was born in a community which still strongly holds to the “adat pepatih” in this 21st century, I knew so little about my ancestors.

Last week, I had the chance to get a little closer looks of my roots. A colleague of mine is getting married with a Minangkabau-an from Bukittinggi – Indonesia and when I heard about it, I see the chance for me to have a better looks on my roots (sounds like an excuse to go on holiday eh… :P) Straight away I book AirAsia flight to Padang, Indonesia and make arrangement with my other colleagues (20 of us, include my bosses… (^^!) ) for the ground handlings.

Bus in Padang, Indonesia

We took early morning flight to Padang (7.50am) and reach around 8.00am (GMT + 7). I heard a lot of nasty things about AirAsia On time Performance but to my surprise, the flight was on time and on schedule. A good start for the day 🙂

View from Kelok 44 Bukittinggi, Indonesia

After finish all the procedures, we are greet by our local tour guides outside the airport terminal, which later bring us to their “mobil” and off we go to Bukittinggi. Bukittinggi is a highland, like our Cameron Highland but much bigger and better, IMHO. It’s 95Km from Padang took us about 2hours to reach there. On the way, we took a quick stop at Lake Maninjau, 2nd largest lake in West Sumatera and make way to Kelok 44 (named after the number of sharp road corners) to the top of hills which held one of the most breath taking sites I’ve ever seen. When drove up the hill, do remember to open your windows and feel fresh breeze of the nature. It’ll wash away your problem 🙂

Songket Weaving Bukittinggi, Indonesia

During the 3 days stay in Bukittinggi, we have experince a lot of things. We went to Pandai Sikek to experience Songket Weaving, Woods Cratfing and also shopping. A lot of different varieties of textile can be found here as Bukittinggi is the center of the textile industry around West Sumatra.

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