Bicycle allowed on LRT?

I wrote back in Oct 2010, about the Greater KL MRT project and really warmed up to that idea. Not only does it address a few issues that we are currently facing (traffic jams, air pollutions) it also open possibilities for the commuters. Though the new MRT does not cover all area of Greater KL, but the shuttle service does make up for it. But, this doesn’t come without a price. I expect once the MRT project completed, the tariff will be increased as well as the time it takes to commute (due to the increase number of stations).

So how can we reduce the time and cost to commute. The answer will be bicycles 🙂

Being an ex-commuter myself, I always find it difficult and time consuming whenever I had to transfer line or taking a bus eventhough sometimes, the destination is just a few blocks away and walking would be not an options. Imagine yourself reaching your destination all sweaty! You wouldn’t want that right 😉

With bicycles, not only you don’t need to spend your time waiting for your shuttle (especially on peak hours when its jam-packed with human sardines!) you get your daily exercise and also save cost 🙂 But, I wonder whether is it possible to bring bicycles on LRT.

So, with that in mind, I sent an email to RAPIDKL to seek an answer. I’m very pleased with RAPIDKL CSC as they always reply your questions or feedback quite fast. This is what I receive from them.

Though, the answer is not what I was hoping for (I was thinking of bringing a mountain bike on it though :D) but I guess this will do for the time being. Once, more and more people are looking for this kind of options, they can’t just leave it be and I bet they will start re-think about this. Lets hope we will see this in near future.

Note: The current KL city infra is not really bicycle friendly (no bicycles parking nor bicycles alley), so be very careful on the road and always practice a safe travel. Wear protective gears and always aware of the surroundings. Have and have a safe journey 🙂


  1. ET

    erm, have you thought about the other passengers and whether they they would like to share a ride with a bicycle . As you and i both probably know ,it can get really cramp in a bus or an lrt during peak hours.

  2. lokman

    Hi ET,
    I totally agree with you and I have include a suggestion in my email actually to had them to reserve a cabin for cyclist (if there is enough request for this) maybe for one trip per hour to a specific less-traffic stations. Though it seems a bit far-fetched idea given how the system was not design to cater to such request but hopefully it’s a start.

  3. Foldie Fan

    Interesting reply from Rapidkl, it is a good start as they allow foldable bike. I ride a foldable bike in Penang. I started off as a weekend rider but now I always carry my foldie in the car boot and I am using it daily for work and recreation. I have bought my 2nd foldie recently for bike packing (touring). Sometime I drive to KL for business and always got stressed out by the traffic and difficulty of finding car park. I have found a perfect foldie for KL commuter. It can folded and zipped-up in a carrier bag, smaller than a baby pram. Can go top speed ~ 20-25Kmph. I am ready to get my 3rd foldable bike for commuting in KL. Check-out the CARRY-ME bike by Pacific Bike. No one can even guess that u r carrying a bike in your bag. This is my 2 cents worth of experience sharing. When we have enough numbers, we can demand for more bicycle friendly town planning and public transport system.

  4. Shahrim Tamrin

    I am a journalist with The Malay Mail.

    I am working on an article about possible bicycle facility at future MRT and LRT stations. I also want to explore the idea on how to allow those with bicycle on board in MRT and LRT during rush hour.

    How can I get in touch with you? If you don’t mind, you can EMAIL me at

    Thank you.

    Shahrim Tamrin
    Journalist, The Malay Mail

  5. BigBoss

    Will they actually check if I’m bringing a carry travel bag? I mean, do they actually check what’s inside? So that I can carry a folding bike not only at off peak hour.

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