Arctic becomes an island as ice melts

Satelite Image of Artics
Satellite Image of Arctics

Measurements on August 26 showed an ice cap of just over two million square miles, confirming the second biggest ice cap melt since records began. New of the opening of the passages emerged as the British explorer and adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh began a kayak expedition to the North Pole aimed at drawing attention to the dramatic impact of melting polar ice.


Its sooner than expected. The ice melting at a rapid rate. Looks like Santa will be late this year. :sigh:


  1. King Kong

    My family and I already starting to use minimal paper bags instead of plastic bags. We bring our own containers to buy groceries. We only use a/c when there are more than 3 people in the room. We don’t waste electricity. We car pool. I work from home to reduce travelling.

    All our efforts are futile and useless if USA and Europe still contribute more than 65% of CO2 to the atmosphere.

    The earth is going to die or maybe it will kill us all first before it dies.

  2. lokman

    Well done King Kong. If only we have more people like you, the world would be much better shape and more sustainable.

    Some people didn’t realized that, what they do today, effect everyone and everything how small may it be. Some people might think that, one small plastic bags can’t do any damage but in fact it does. Every year, a lot of turtles and other aquatic animal have been reported to be dead due to the fact that they mistaken the plastic bags for foods.

    You point is valid. USA and Europe does contribute a lot to the green house gases but we also responsible for the half of it. But as long as we have people who realized these things and spread it, we might still have hopes.

    We don’t want to end up like WALL-E, won’t we??


  3. *cik.enon.yg.comel*

    ehhhhh.. mcm kenalllll je gambar kat banner tu 😛

    *err..sori.. komen takde kena mengena dgn topic. hahah*

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