All in the days work….

“Whoaaa!! down boy, down!” so I said to the vicious stomach of mine. It’s an hour before lunch and my haven’t-had-breakfast-starving-like-crazy-stomach growling to the max, begging to be fed with a sacrificial lamb, so to speak.

While dilly daling around the department cubicle one-after another looking for some grubs, I hear a voice, not too far away from the place where I’m standing. It’s the voice of an unfamiliar one, puzzled when he couldn’t access his email. I turn, and I saw a man staring at me straight into the eyes, hoping for some answers. The man goes by the name “Flash”. The groggy voice I heard earlier was actually due to the flu he’s having. Then he told me that some other users are experiencing it too. I hope for the best that nothing big happen. I cannot tahan alreay, sooo lapar ( ̄へ ̄) (excuse my english please ( ^_^)   )

As I went to the server room, and trying to access the email server, a coleague of mine told me that department was bombarded with calls asking why they can’t access the email. Hmmm….this looks like a major problem. After done some investigation, we found out that the system having a “bad” day and decide to take a bit of extreme measure and reboot the server. The uneasiness in my heart starts to build up bit by bit, as my effort to bring up the service bear fruitless. ( ̄へ ̄). Sorry beloved stomach, looks like you have to bear it a little bit more….. (to be continued)

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