A Day in JB

my travel companion

JB is much like KL, where u can find tall buildings, mamaks everywhere and also cute girls 🙂 But in JB, the city life starts as early as 5 O’clock in the morning especially places near the Tambak Johor. I was told that by one of KTMB (I came by train) that this is normal sight for the Johorians. Most of them are waiting for their transport to Singapore as some of them are working there and some went for study.

I’m quite suprise seeing school children, ages between 6-10, is part of the crowd. I heard that some of the parents did sends their young one to Singapore to get better education. I don’t know how far the truth of this story but as for now, we’ll leave it like as it is. 🙂

I’ve only been to the Kotaraya part of JB and haven’t got the chance to visit any other parts of JB ( I heard there’s like 4 parts of JB, UDA, Angsana and etc) due to the lack of time but I can say that I like JB better than KL. The road is straight not like the curvy roads of KL, the crowd are pretty much lesser not like KL like a swarm of bee 🙂 and the traffic…well its pretty much the same though of not bad 🙂 hehe .

I think I’m going to stop here since I just arrived this morning and haven’t got that much of rest yet. Will update later with more pic. hehe..


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